Thursday, March 22, 2012

" I Miss You"

I miss you when I'm awake,
your my dream when I'm asleep.

 I miss you wen I'm alone,
your the one I'm looking for when I'm with them..

I miss our arguments,
and when I'm in trouble,
your the one that I need..

I miss you every second,
every minute and hour..

I missed you yesterday.
I'm missing you today.
And I will miss you to the next succeeding days..


  You, a blessing to me.
   that i've waited for so long.

  You, who cheers me up,
  when i am sad.

  You, who gives me courage,
  when im hopeless.
  You, who gives me sweet memories,
  that i will bear everyday.

  You, who makes me smile,
  even in my down-east nights.

  You, who comfort me,
  when i have gripe.

  You who makes me realize,
  how wonderful love is.

  You, who makes me feel special,
  in ways you never see.

   You, whom i don't want to lose,
   for i can't imagine myself   living without you.

   You, whom i wish to spend my life with.

   You, my friend, my inspiration
   and my love.

   with a vow and bond of secrecy,
   for a love that last with eternity.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

broken hearted

How lonely are you? How often  do you cry when you think of someone you loved who broke your heart? Do time passed by just having a day dream? Wishing him to be with you every time you want someone to share your feelings and emotions.. Being lonely or happy is a choice. There's a lot of thing that you can do to avoid the loneliness that you feel. Yes, it is hard for anyone to forget and to moved on, but still we can do things that can make it happen. Friends can help us, even our family. Watching movies, listening radio, eating sweet candies and chocolates, going to anywhere can also help us to lessen the pain. One important thing you need to do is  "help yourself". Why suffer yourself from loneliness?  Cheer up! Life is too short. Don't waste your time crying or thinking of things that hurt you. Look around you. God, your family and friends are still there. They love you. There are still trees, flowers, seas, birds, sky, stars that can brighten your day. You still have a heart to be take care of and give to someone who is more worthy more than him/her. And when you found someone that catches your heart, don't be afraid to love again.